Cash Incentive

" Buy a house, Get paid! "

What would you do with extra money that wouldn’t be offered by many other Real Estate Brokerages after closing of your real estate purchase?

By using our services Buyers get Cash Incentive coming to their pocket within 30days of closing.

Are you curious of how it works and how much you could get paid? Keep reading and find them out!

"How Does It Work?"

Our “Cash Incentive” program is available only for PURCHASE(s) of qualified properties. Rate of “Cash Incentive” is 0.3% on the portion of your net purchase price up to $500,000 and 0.4% on the portion of your net purchase price over $500,001-, not to include GST if applicable.

You must enter into a “Buyer representation agreement” or “Customer status” with our brokerage prior to your purchase in order to become eligible to “Cash Incentive”, and “Seller representation agreement” for “Cash Incentive booster”  respectively.

NOTE: This offer may not be combined with other offer(s).
Cash rebate. how does it work?

"Bonus Incentive!"

Additional 0.2% of the net purchase price (called “Cash incentive booster” hereinafter) shall become payable in case you are also selling your property through our service within six month period of time from/to the completion(possession day) of your purchase.


Usually, you don’t have to pay us anything, but sometimes you may need to. If you hire an agent to help you buy a property, the seller usually pays a commission that includes the agent’s fee. This is usually 3.5% for the first $100,000 of the purchase price and 1.5% for the rest, plus GST. This is the same rate we charge our clients.

Around 80-90% of properties for sale have this commission rate, so you won’t need to pay us anything if you buy one of those properties. If a property doesn’t offer this commission rate, we’ll let you know before you see it.

Yes, it is. We will be sending you appropriate tax form for your tax return.

You have an agreement with J CAPITAL REALTY called “Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement” that lasts for six months. Please be ready for purchase of a property before the expiry.

Additional schedule will be added on the service agreement. It clearly states your right for incentive in writing.

You will be responsible for the time our agent has spent for your viewing of properties only. A single occasion of viewing tour whether you view only one property or more costs you $150 plus G.S.T.. Your maximum obligation is capped at $750 plus G.S.T. regardless of the times of your viewing tours during the term.

Should you find yourself requiring extra time to find a best property we will give you one time extension by two month for free.

Although we will guide you through the entire process, having a viable financing plan should be the first thing in your mind.

Please be ready with a bank pre-approval for financing, or we will be happy to refer you some professionals if you do not know who to ask.

It could take as early as 7business days up to 30days of completion.  Our Sponsorship contribution can be made at the same time.


  • The benefits may be taxable on your end. J CAPITAL REALTY may issue tax forms required by authorities accordingly, and is NOT responsible for any of your tax obligations. Your social insurance number is required for your income tax purpose.
  • This program may not be combined with any other programs.
  • Not intended to solicit those who are currently under contract with other brokerages
  • This program may be amended, changed or terminated without notice.
  • Some conditions apply.