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" Buy a house and Get paid! "

What would you do with extra money that wouldn’t be offered by many other Real Estate Brokerages after closing of your real estate purchase?
By using our services Buyers get Cash Incentive coming to their pocket within 30days of closing.
Are you curious of how it works and how much you could get paid? Keep reading and find them out! 

"How Does It Work?"

Buyer will be rewarded with CASH INCENTIVE within 30days of successful completion of a home purchase. Cash Incentive rate is MINIMUM 20% (escalating to higher purchase price)of real estate commissions our brokerage earns. 
Case study: Purchse of $500,000- home
Typical real estate commission Real estate brokerages earn in Calgary is 3.5% on the 1st $100,000- and 1.5% on the balance of the net purchase price. Let’s say the buyer completed the purchase of a half million dollars $500,000- home.
The commission our brokerage earns is $9,500-. 
The buyer will be rewarded with $1,945- within 30days of completion of the purchase.

NOTE: Commission rate that listing brokerages offer to buying brokerages may vary by listings. Above case study uses 3.5%/1.5% commission rate for simulation purpose only. While we estimate about 70-80% of MLS listings offer 3.5%/1.5% commission to buying brokerages, some listings may offer much less commission rate which may reduce your cash incentive significantly if you choose to purchase those listings. We disclose the offered commission rate of every listings you have viewed before writing an offer. 
Cash rebate. how does it work?

"Bonus Incentive!"

When certain conditions described below met in the purchase process by the buyer, the buyer will be rewarded with BONUS INCENTIVE. Bonus Incentive includes the amount of Cash Incentive explained above.
Required conditions are that your member buyer reaches a firm sale/unconditional sale
  1. within 30days of signing Buyer Service Agreement, and
  2. within Three(3) viewing tours or viewing of total Fifteen(15) homes whichever comes earlier
In the same case study above
     The buyer will be rewarded with cash incentive of $2,420- which is slightly more than 25% of the real estate commission our brokerage earns.
For sale

" 1% "

moving boxes

Are you also selling your home ?


When you sELL and BUY within 6month period by using our services our selling commission is 1% of sale price!

and YES, you are still eligible to Cash/Bonus incentive on your buying side!

This 1% does not include commission for buyer’s brokerage. 

It would bring you the best result that you offer 3.5% on the 1st $100,000- and 1.5% on the balance of sale price to Buyer’s brokerage.

  • The benefits may be taxable on your end. J CAPITAL REALTY may issue tax forms required by authorities accordingly, and is NOT responsible for any of your tax obligations. Your social insurance number is required for your income tax purpose.
  • This program may not be combined with any other programs.
  • Not intended to solicit those who are currently under contract with other brokerages
  • This program may be amended, changed or terminated without notice.
  • Some conditions apply.